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Simulated Diamonds –A Girl’s New Best Friend?

Written By: - Jul• 06•15

Simulated Diamonds –A Girl’s New Best Friend?
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Marilyn Monroe once sang that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. Things have changed since then and nowadays, lab diamonds have been getting a great deal of attention within the past few years. In fact, one might assume that they are on the way to replace natural diamonds. As of now, they have become a popular option for engagement rings as well as various other pieces of jewelry. There are plenty of instances where some people actually choose lab diamonds instead of their naturally formed counterparts. In reality, there are many reasons to pick man made diamonds to adorn your jewelry.

It takes millions of years of heat and pressure to force carbon atoms together to create the ideal crystal-like structure of a diamond. Thanks to modern technology, diamonds can now be produced within laboratories and are almost interchangeable with naturally formed diamonds. Lab diamonds that are used for creating jewelry are created using either CVD or HPHT methods. While the HPHT method involves specific types of presses to create the pressure and temperature to form a diamond, CVC (Chemical Vapor Deposition) employs a hydrocarbon gas mixture in order to grow them. In other words, all diamonds are the same no matter how they are produced. In fact, diamonds are simple chains of carbon and their atomic structure is remarkably simple. This is why they are so easy to replicate.

For those who don’t find the science behind these amazing creations amazing, there is always the fact that lab diamonds are able to fool even professional grade gem dealers. Of course, these too are actual diamonds and the only difference between these and their natural counterparts is the method of formation. Needless to say, lab produced diamonds are lower in price when compared to natural diamonds. On average, you can expect a price decrease of up to twenty five percent on a lab diamond. Let’s not forget the fact that scientists are able to manipulate the production with so much accuracy that the majority of man made diamonds often obtain the highest grading on clarity.

Something that a lot of people say about lab diamonds is the fact that they offer plenty of sparkle with no moral dilemmas. In case you were not aware, the mining of natural diamonds is not always a comfortable or safe employment choice. In reality, diamond mining has been the cause of massive environmental damage, extreme costs and in some cases, even political unrest. If you are concerned about making sure that your jewelry choices are conflict-free, diamonds are definitely the right choice.

Lab grown diamonds are easy enough to find nowadays. In reality, there are plenty of jewelry designers who use these regularly (and in some cases, exclusively) on various types of jewelry. In an age where veganism and environmentalism are accepted as high-brow lifestyle choices, there is nothing better to adorn oneself than with conflict-free lab grown diamonds.

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