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Our eternal love affair with bags

Written By: - Jun• 06•16


It is said that a woman carries her world along inside her bag. Women add certain attributes to their ever favourite accessory the bag. They feel that bags are personal, functional, a statement of self expression and a fashion accessory that speaks aboutstatus symbol. I had asked several women how they felt about their bags and all of them had agreed that their bags were indeed very important to them and they loved online shopping for bags and carrying them. Likely, since with a bag added to the look, one can immediately achieve the desired look and image. And moreover, you do not need to try it on. Most of the modern women will agree thatfashinable handbags have to meet functional value as well but they should preferably not be too heavy to carry around. In terms of status symbol and fashion, most women feel that their bags are certainly a part of their fashion image and that a bag had the potential to ruin their fashion image if adorned in the wrong way.



Women all covet the idea of an expensive, latest design bag that is featured in a glossy magazine page and which is often seen to be worn by a celebrity. Most women say that a handbag is an investment and as such they looked for styles that are classic yet smart and trendy so that they can last for more than one fashion season. It is a concern for them that the bag that is so trendy now becomes too dated in the next season.They look at bags as a long term investment which is why they perhaps do not mind to buy one that is expensive. In this way, whether they consciously communicate their status or not, women so feel good about their bags that they carry. Bags are forever and can be accessorized with what one is wearing to either complement the outfit or make a fashion statement. They are, at times, the most fun part of dressing for outdoors.

Online shopping fashion nowadays is no longer restricted to shopping for clothes or garments. Anything and everything are now available online. Thanks to the advanced technologies, we now have the luxury of buying things over the Internet. Earlier, we had to run to the shopping malls or the shopping complexes where there used to be array of shops housing all kinds of fashion items starting from bags to clothes to cosmetics. We had to jostle our way to steer clear of the crowds at the markets where we went to buy clothes and bags for ourselves. But thankfully, we now have the option of staying back at home and go shopping online. We can sit comfortably on the couch in the comforts of our home and go through the endless list of bags online. Our choice is endless and no longer limited to any specific categories now. Online shopping fashion is no longer a concept that made available few select types of bags that do not seem to arouse interest or do not satisfy the status frenzy that many women have. Online shopping fashion has now evolved leading to the best results where all brands, premium and otherwise are available on the Internet. All premium brands of bags online are available to us in a matter of few clicks.


Along with evolution of women’s garments, the evolution of styles in which women’s bags are designed are also seen in bags online. There are many different types of bags available nowadays, which are suited for the different occasions that we have to go to. Just like we have dresses which are suitable for wearing to specific places, the same goes with bags. Among all types, the sling bags are one of the very convenient styles that are available. Slings bags come with a long strap which can be thrown over our shoulders. Sling bags are convenient because they allow free movement of our arms – we do not need to hold the sling bagsor even carry them on our arms. Just wearing them crossways or carrying them on one side over our shoulder is enough. Not only convenience, sling bags also pack in a great deal of attitude with an element of smartness to them. They are suitable for office as sober and formal and they can also rock the party look when designed with embellishments and bling, sling bags are of course very suitable for casual places. They can be of varying sizes, suitable to carry different things as per our convenience.

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