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Ideas for Fashion Advertising Agencies – Beloved Media

Since creating our recent blog post about Chanel’s fashion advertising over the years it was interesting to see how the luxury brands haven’t really changed or innovated their advertising very much over the years. From 1920 -2012 the fashion advertising agencies Chanel have worked with have created the type of fashion advertising that you would […]

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Set a Statement with Everything from Your Scent to Your Style

Your fashion sense and taste speaks almost everything about you. It’s an extension of your style and personality. Your attire, accessories and even your scent is an extension of your personality. And to suffice your every fashion taste and need, the finest of brands are offering a wide selection of watches, sunglasses, bags, colognes and […]

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Tips for Fashion and Beauty Style

If you claim to be a fashion, then you definitely need to know a little about a new fashion website, Smart Style Guide. It’s your new best friend for fashion. In essence, Smart Style Guide is the ultimate source for women seeking out fashion and style trends, beauty secrets and tips or some fantastic hair […]

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GULI-Another unique fashion

GULI like the light of fashion that pure,fresh and have the temperament of high-end luxury,it has amazed the whole world. Who is GULI?and many people will have this question.Gulnara Karimova,the chief designer of GULI has answered,”GULI is the High-end custom brand with perfact fusion of national features and modern fashion.It has grumous flavor of central […]

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Short History about Fashion Trends

In Western society, popular fashion is of fantastic interest to others. Newsstands that sell magazines all about top fashion are seen everywhere, and there are several websites and whole publications devoted to it. It is a growing industry that is constantly being modified. With all the evolutions and new selections that artists and fashion specialists […]

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